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Stories Don’t Stop

The Pursuit

Stories have the power—and the responsibility—to shape the world around us. Our purpose as a studio has always been to create meaningful and lasting connections with people, through love and stories. And our practice has always been to look to the horizon in order to understand the present. Shaping what’s to come, adapting to the reality of the moment, while learning from mistakes of the past. This is the direction we were always headed—we’re just getting there faster. Because we have to. And because we know we must continue to tell stories; especially when the world needs it most.

Tackling COVID

The health and safety of
people and community is a top priority.

We’re experiencing a global health crisis. COVID-19 brought an existential threat to Revery as a studio, and to all of us working in photo and video production. While we acknowledge our challenges pale in comparison to those of many, we are full of gratitude to do what we love, day in and day out. We have established new systems, protocols, and resources to ensure Revery can continue to support our partners in bringing their stories to life while the pandemic continues.

We’re navigating constraints placed on our business daily; while innovating, staying relevant, and moving forward. We are putting solutions in place in order to continue telling stories for generations to come. In doing so, we’ve taken several steps to get back to shooting. We began our efforts to promote a safe, unified, and equitable return to live action production as members of a state task force, helping write the Oregon Production Protocols for COVID-19 with the Governor’s Office of Film & Television and Oregon Media Production Association.

  1. Step 1: Get your people safe.
  2. Step 2: Get your community safe.
  3. Step 3: Reimagine your workflow.
  4. Step 4: Establish safety protocols.
  5. Step 5: Return to production.

Production Approach

We don’t have a crystal ball, but we are adapting quickly to confidently navigate the new realities of production.

Production is Revery’s DNA. We will never sell through work that we cannot, in turn, produce. We believe strongly in right-sizing our production approach for clients to deliver the most efficient production experience, while minimizing exposure during shoots, and of course without sacrificing quality. This efficiency is additionally critical during this unique time with restrictions in place.

As your partner, we will maximize our production output while minimizing production spend by utilizing a compact production crew, smart decisions during pre-production to calibrate each department and promote transparency and frequent communication through virtual collaboration tools like live streaming and collaborative working documents.


Safety Guideposts

Revery maintains an extended network of collaborators, crew, and vendors so that prep is in continuous coordination and communication with the executing team. We believe in frequent, proactive communication during concepting and pre-production to weigh creative aspiration against feasibility, ensure alignment across all parties, and guarantee a successful production. We have a phase built into our project plan to calibrate the creative for the moment based on what we believe to be the current industry guideposts. Here are few example of the efforts we’re taking:


On-Set Adjustments

  • Limited crew, cast, agency and client on set at any given time.
  • Shoot-day schedules that reflect the reality of a new, slower pace.
  • Certified medical technician on set at all times to supervise safety protocols, and provide health screenings.
  • On-set hygiene protocols, mandated social distancing, and PPE.
  • Catering and craft service modifications.
Mobile Rig Assembly

Remote Workflow

  • Virtual participation in pre-production milestones including castings, fittings, art reviews, and the pre-production meeting.
  • On-set live streaming prioritized to reduce numbers in video village while allowing for proper approval chain.
  • Production paperwork built and shared through collaboration software during all phases of production.
  • And of course, we are open to tailoring our approach to meet the needs of our clients.

We Believe

Constraints often lead to innovation and opportunities.

Storytelling carries us through the darkest and the brightest moments in history. We believe the way we tell these stories must always shift and reflect the time. And today is certainly no exception. Charting the path through chaos is why we exist as producers, as creatives, as storytellers, and simply, as humans. Adjusting our course as needed, while staying rooted in the things that matter most—despite the wild unknowns coming at us from every direction. We accept the world is moving fast and we believe it is our duty to ensure stories remain shared as a point of connection.

We need stories,
and they need you.


Story First

In addition to shooting live action safely and responsibly, what are other ways we can tell stories together?

Leverage motion graphics design in lieu of live action.


Direct a shoot remotely using virtual production tools.


Shoot tabletop product with a robotic arm.


Remix and edit archival content in new and exciting ways.


Embrace user generated content to empower the audience.


Design and deploy a digital-first experience.


Create a mixed-media piece with found footage.


Invest in a global design system or content playbook.


Renew your talent and music licenses for another term.


Empower an influencer or artist to create content for you.


Host a virtual event to reach a global audience.


Start a movement or get behind a cause you believe in.


To Be Continued

These are just a few examples of what we can accomplish together as partners. Adaptive storytelling is a process. An experiment. A dialogue. A pursuit of creative production solutions for a decentralized world, unified by stories. Stories with character and emotion. Stories you can join. Stories you can step inside. Stories you can live in. Stories that earn a spot in people’s lives. And stories worthy of the human experience. But stories are just the beginning…

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