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“At OLLY, we believe that the foundation of all happiness is good health. We say heck yes to happiness because when you're truly happy you’re at your best. And when you’re at your best, you’re unstoppable.”

OLLY is on a mission — to make people happy inside out — and they’re ready to tell the world. To kickstart this movement, we first partnered with OLLY in summer 2020 to tackle a quick-hit project showcasing their growing line of immunity products. From there, our relationship blossomed, and we were tapped to creatively lead their entire campaign platform for 2021 with a select group of integrated marketing partners, including Media and PR. Our collective effort included a venture into broadcast TV — with the aim of helping OLLY become a household name. With the goal to make OLLY famous.

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The Active Ingredients.

The established platform, Happy Inside Out, came to life with benefit-led messaging and a strong emphasis on the colorful world where the brand shines best. As part of our foundational strategy, we helped our clients navigate the shift from being a health and nutrition brand, to a wellness and lifestyle brand. But to really stand in a league of their own, OLLY needed a brand spot that showcased the delightful, relatable, and weirdly wonderful vibe that set them apart — both in the online and brick-and-mortar vitamin aisle.

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Olly So Long Stress

With our focus being the hero :30 for broadcast, we also created a series of short-form product spots, all shot responsibly in Los Angeles with strict safety protocols in place. We prepped with intention. We laughed out loud on set, and on Zoom. We oohed and ahhed at the colorful set designs coming to life. And we savored every aspect of post and finishing — from color grading, to sound design and custom music composition, to motion graphics, to ultimately delivering a message that motivated people to feel (and be) their best. Together, we created a visual representation of OLLY’s mission: Happy Inside Out — on repeat.

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Olly Day Night Immunity

One More Dose.

But wait! There’s just a little bit more to this story. How else — or should we say who else — could help with OLLY’s mission to get famous? See the sister campaign we created for OLLY with the unstoppable Rebel Wilson – Rebel Set Go.


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