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Women Will.


One of the greatest gifts of what we do is being able to use our voice to champion ideas we believe in. When we’re really at our best, storytelling has the potential to influence our world in a positive way. This time, the story we got to tell was of an entire culture in the midst of change. Across nearly every corner of Asia, women have been joining the workforce in rapidly increasing numbers. But for pioneers, there rarely is a simple roadmap available to follow.

Women Will is Google’s way of empowering these women with technology, helping them connect with each other and share ideas to navigate the digital world of business. It’s an inspiring story and an important one to get just right. Authenticity for us naturally meant our team should be comprised entirely of women. From the Director to the EP to the Editor, we assembled a dream team of female storytellers to create this unique campaign in a way that aligned with our values.

Our friends at Must Be Something entrusted us with searching for and uncovering exceptional stories in 4 different countries across Asia. And when you need to find something or someone? Google them, of course. It wasn’t lost on us that the same tools that were being used to change women’s roles in countries around the world were also enabling us to tell their stories.

Zeroing in on the four women we ultimately chose from the dozens of candidates was no easy task – we wanted to meet all of them! But in the end we had the opportunity to highlight some amazing people spanning diverse industries and generations of women’s experiences. For example, a woman who started an elephant sanctuary or a women who built a website to help victims of sexual assault find safety.

When people are given the opportunity to connect and inspire each other, amazing things become possible. Want more proof? Our very same core group of women from this project (Director and Producer) have since gone on to produce Revery’s first feature film, Clementine. Google is information. Information is power. People connecting to information and each other is everything.


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