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Bastian Schweinsteiger is a towering figure in German football history. Once a golden child in the hearts of a nation, his future was now uncertain. Deutschland and the global football community was in a twitter – heartbroken, confused, trade rumors flying. Where would he go next? It was the question at the front of everyone’s minds.

It was our challenge to tell this story – before anyone knew its resolution – from the single point of view that mattered most: Schweinsteiger himself. We focused on a man facing the next chapter of his life – about to cross the threshold. In doing so, we were able to compress an enormous moment into a simple, relatable human experience.

The result was a thank-you note to his team, coaches, fans, and the country that meant everything to him for so long. The kicker? At the time, not even Schweinsteiger himself knew the outcome of his trade, so we shot multiple endings that could adapt on the fly and respond to any scenario that came to pass. The goal was to respond real-time when the announcement was officially made public. It was exciting to succeed in launching this video the day his trade announcement was made.


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