Adobe Echo Sign

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This project occupies a special place in our hearts. It was foundational to us as a company because it was the proving grounds for our theory that creative, budgets, and general good vibes could go a lot further if the agency and the line producer could somehow be one person. Or at least, a whole lot closer together. The idea was only a “what if” until we got the opportunity to create this story for Echosign: Adobe’s latest tool to make it easier to sign digital documents.

The story goes like this – creative agency Owen Jones and the design team at Adobe had a long history of working together and were looking to invest in a big, fun product launch for Echosign. Fortunately, Revery was brought in early enough in the process to really design the shoot in a way that made the most sense. We brought in our trusted partners at Logan in Los Angeles and a team was born.

Maybe it was something in the creative energy we all clicked into, or maybe it was the trusting relationships we’d fostered, but our shoot quickly blossomed into a bona-fide family affair. Everybody literally stayed together under one roof during production. We had copywriters working in real-time with producers, responding seamlessly to the client who trusted the director, who communicated with the editor… and on and on.

Our consolidation theory had proven correct. The highly choreographed nature of the concept all came together with ease because we’d discovered how to eliminate unnecessary barriers to sign-off amongst the team. The takeaway – removing barriers to sign-off creates more efficient projects which makes happier people. See what we did there? Sign-off. You get it.


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