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It’s the year 2036, and the sky has died. The end of air travel, and a sky no longer suited for flight, has left humanity grounded, except for the advent of a new kind of transportation. Klaus Shepherd, a young widower, works as a porter – a gate agent for teleportation. But teleportation is in its infancy, and humanity’s desperation for travel has left the enterprise both burdened with hope and riddled with corruption. Klaus, still reeling from the loss of his family and unsure about his place in this new, turbulent world, sides with corruption.

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This is the story of PORTER, a short film and proof-of-concept Revery produced alongside Writer and Director Travis Hanour and Cinematographer DP Pete Konczal. We had big ambitions and a shoestring budget, so we knew our team – and our production approach – had to be strong. We filmed PORTER in six long, grueling shoot days with a quick, wickedly efficient, and hard-working crew. We traveled all over Oregon. We shot on hilltops, we crawled into sewers, and we brought the future-world of PORTER to life.

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Revery’s DNA is in independent filmmaking, in spirit and in approach, and we were excited for an opportunity to meet this project with that ethos in mind, to tell a story that aligned with our roots. PORTER was a passion project for us, and our entire crew rallied behind the magic of the film’s ambitious, immersive story and Travis’ vision. This wasn’t simply a sci-fi story about an alternate near-future world, it was also the story of our world, now – the uncertainties, the upheavals, the place we find ourselves when the things we take for granted disappear overnight.

We couldn’t have been more excited to bring together such a talented team for this project – Travis was recently named one of Shoot Magazine’s 5 Up-and-Coming directors. Pete went on to film season 4 of FARGO. The colorist, Damien van der Cruyssen, had just finished coloring UNCUT GEMS before jumping in to grade PORTER. That’s when you know the story you’re telling is special – when the storytellers at the top of their game come together to be a part of it. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for PORTER in 2021 and beyond.


Concepting & Creative Development
Art Buying & Usage Negotiations
Budget Scenario Modeling
Casting & Talent Management
Pre-production & Logistics
Crew Sourcing & Management
Location Scouting & Permitting
External Vendor Relations
Ongoing Budget Management
Run of Show Execution


Executive Creative Producers

Davis Priestley
Aimee Lynn Barneburg
Emily Hanour (Monk Films)

Creative Producer

Nick Ocean

Director, Writer, and Editor

Travis Hanour


Pete Konczal

Casting Director

Natalie Avital

Costume Designer

Lis Bothwell

Production Designer

Erin Dallesandro

Sound Designer

Gavin Little

Visual FX Supervisor

Andrew Nawrot


Leo Pearson