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New Adventures.


How do you make friends in a new town? Or see another side to a place you’ve lived for years? Or perhaps, find a social club comprised of people just as unique as you? We partnered with creative agency Mutt Industries to answer these questions and more. Their brief was to create a series of doc-style films to showcase the many ways people use Facebook to connect with one another and strengthen their communities.

We first embarked on a Director’s search to enlist a creative partner that had a blend of doc-style work, a people-focused and inclusive point of view, and didn’t come from traditional advertising. We excitedly brought in New York-based, Naima Ramos-Chapman. With our Director identified, real-people casting and prep overlapped as our team traveled to four cities across the US to execute her vision. In the end, we delivered a treasure trove of content to promote the Group’s platform, including the featured films below.


In this short-form doc we feature Andrea – a transplant who had moved to Portland five years prior. We follow along as, over the course of one wild day, she explores her hometown with fresh eyes with the help of Facebook Groups. “You never know who you’ll meet when you put yourself out there.” Heavy metal yogis, beekeepers, improv comedians, chefs, and clowns are just the beginning of Andrea’s unique experience in the Rose City.

Adventure Andrea Meets Portland Yt Hero 2M04 2018 Mov 01 01 38 05 Still001


For this collection of content, we created a series of recruitment videos that highlighted some of the unique hobbies people practice and the communities that form around them with the help of Facebook. We highlighted buffalo soldiers, air guitar champions, jugglers, capoeira dancers, puppeteers, and drag queens. No matter what you’re into, you’ll be sure to connect with someone else on Facebook just as into it as you are.

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We followed two women as they broke out of their bubbles and tried something new. First up: Nicole is a stay-at-home-mom new to the Pittsburgh area. She wanted to find something that would help her explore her community, so we connected her with the Puppetry Guild of Pittsburgh. For this New Adventure, she makes her own life-sized puppet costume and takes part in a public dance performance.

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Ashonta’s life is incredibly full. She’s a mother, a school vice principal, volleyball coach, P.h.D. candidate, and a community activist living in New Orleans. Each of her roles are challenging, important, and serious but she wanted to mix things up. So we connected her with the Big Easy Roller Girls. A group that showed her the basics of roller derby and how much fun there is to be had when you step outside of your comfort zone.

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What New Adventure will you try?


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