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Like A Caesar.


This story begins with a household-name hotel and casino with an iconic brand seemingly set in stone. Now reimagine its soul, find the new face of Caesar himself, add a worldwide Director search, and shoot a strange and comedic spot with a cast of quirky characters and visuals from one of the more intriguing Cinematographers working today. Oh, and produce it discreetly while The Palace is operating at full capacity amidst the chaos of The Las Vegas Strip.

The brief was to craft a new story to speak to a new generation of pleasure-seekers. This required a thoughtful, proactive integration of our agency partner’s vision, the Director, and the hotel itself. But high stakes opportunities such as this are where we truly shine as Producers. The result was a series of campaign cuts to reinforce our client’s cheeky creative: #LikeACaesar


Discovery & Insights Intake
Art Buying & Usage Negotiations
Budget Scenario Modeling
Casting & Talent Management
Pre-production & Logistics
Crew Sourcing & Management
Location Scouting & Permitting
External Vendor Relations
Ongoing Budget Management
Run of Show Execution



The Idea Brand

Executive Creative Producer

Davis Priestley

Creative Producers

Aimee Lynn Barneburg
Nancy Thibodeau


Emanuel Hoss-Desmarais


Natasha Braier


Austin Bousley


Schuyler Vanden Bergh