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Uber Eats

Let's Eats Anywhere.

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Let’s talk about nine scenarios shot over three days in the summer of 2019. Creative, production, and post all happening in lockstep. A collaborative model of co-creation with our agency partner, INDUSTRY. This project demanded the highest level of thoughtful coordination to execute on a tight timeline ahead of our July 4th campaign launch deadline. Each scenario was structured – through art direction, location selection, and casting – to maximize the diversity of spots captured each day.

Our high-caliber crew was stacked with collaborative multidisciplinary artists. We selected a favorite Director of Photography with a breadth of directing experience, paired with a Photographer and Production Designer to work in close partnership. The result is a collection of unique one-shot glimpses into many real-life scenarios, each connected through their humanity and shared experience of enjoying food, together.

Uber Eats Pool 02
Uber Eats At The Pool 0423
Uber Eats At The Pool 0519
Uber Eats Sidewalk
Uber Eats Sidewalk Hang Out 0924
Uber Eats Sidewalk Hang Out 0810
Uber Eats Baby
Uber Eats Sleeping Baby 1289
Uber Eats Sleeping Baby 1334
Uber Eats Picnic
Uber Eats At The Park 2070
Uber Eats At The Park 2362
Uber Eats Rooftop
Uber Eats Rooftop Party 2833
Uber Eats Rooftop Party 2979
Uber Eats Date Night
Eats Movie Night 0136
Uber Eats Movie Night 0073


Discovery & Insights Intake
Art Buying & Usage Negotiations
Budget Scenario Modeling
Casting & Talent Management
Pre-production & Logistics
Crew Sourcing & Management
Location Scouting & Permitting
External Vendor Relations
Ongoing Budget Management
Run of Show Execution
Video Editing & Stills Retouching
Voiceover, Sound Design & Mixing




Executive Creative Producer

Davis Priestley

Senior Creative Producer

Ben Greenberg

Executive Creative Director

Oved Valadez

Creative Director

Benji Wagner


Jeff Bierman


Julia Stotz


Samantha Baker