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After Hours.

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48 hours in New York City with a tight-knit, four-person crew, and a couple of cameras – both digital and analog. Fifteen locations across Brooklyn, Manhattan, The Bronx, and Queens. This run-and-gun shoot took us from the subway underground, to urban rooftops, to the many layers in between. Partnering with our friends at The Crystal Creative to announce their house dry goods brand, Crystal Creative After Hours Program (CCAHP), we set out to elevate and celebrate the culture that fuels their work.

Shooting primarily 16mm film with 100% locally street cast talent, we worked in close collaboration with the Director and Art Director to capture the expansiveness of New York City – the diversity of people, lifestyle, city texture, and tone. Launching an experimental clothing line for the boutique music supervision agency meant the dynamic pairing of visuals and sound was key. What emerged occupies the world between lookbook and music video – a bridge between music, art, and fashion, all living together in harmony.

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Concepting & Creative Development
Pre-production & Logistics
Crew Sourcing & Management
Location Scouting & Permitting
Video Editing & Stills Retouching



The Crystal Creative

Executive Creative Producer

Davis Priestley


Tommy Phelan

Art Director

Robbie King


Jordan Kelley


Robbie King

Creative Producers

Raquel Silver
Robbie King


Jordan Kelley

Music Supervision

The Crystal Creative


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