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Boundless Journey.

Video Experiential Animation Design

It’s hard to picture now, but Amazon has startup roots: it began in 1995 as an online bookdealer, operating out of the garage of a rented home. Today, Amazon is not only one of the world’s largest retailers, but also the operator of the cloud computing powerhouse that is known as Amazon Web Services (AWS). Though AWS has several business verticals, their flagship category is, of course, Retail – after all, Amazon spent the past 25 years learning, expanding, and revolutionizing the way we shop.

In doing so, they’d accrued a wealth of resources that could help both small and large retailers streamline and scale their business – now that the AWS platform was made available to all. The problem? After leading such a massive transformation of the marketplace, the rest of the retail industry didn’t see Amazon as a collaborator, but as their most formidable competition.

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In the spring of 2019, AWS approached Revery with an exciting task: to reposition their flagship category to serve as a partner, not a competitor, to other retailers. At the time, AWS Retail was without a brand voice, and for such a complex set of offerings – and challenging perception – this left the category feeling rudderless. The brief expressed a desire to reimagine Retail’s communications and aesthetic from the ground up, with a focus on branded content, storytelling, and experiences. What kicked-off was a year-long Revery x AWS Retail partnership that not only built a powerful brand presence for Retail, but also set a new standard for industry marketing within AWS as a whole.

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The Strategy.

Since AWS Retail owned a set of software solutions that any retailer in the world could leverage, we had to rely on the universal language of story – we had to be both storytellers for this incredibly elaborate technology, and storytellers for the smart and savvy retailer who could use it to optimize every level of their business.

In each project we delivered, much of our effort was focused on breaking down the incredibly complex language of technology and translating it into simple, approachable campaign-level messaging across multiple platforms, both digital and experiential. To achieve this, we first built a strategic campaign foundation that could reach the intended audience at an inspire, engage, and educate level. And from there? In true Amazon style, we really took off.

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The Story.

We launched our campaign with a Brand Anthem: a film that captured the vision, and the purpose, of AWS Retail – LEAD, NEVER FOLLOW. Our starting point was the insight that “Retail Never Sleeps,” and from there, we produced, shot, and delivered a hero video that captured the aspirations and the journey of the future-minded retailer. We built this story to speak to three key audience personas: The Builder, the Pathfinder, and the Wanderer. In other words, the C-suite decision makers who had the potential to pioneer new territory in the retail space, using AWS’ core offerings to forge forward on their own unique path.

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The Experience.

Because much of AWS’ sales came from one-on-one meetings, we followed our hero video with a “first-call” sales deck, a 50-page presentation AWS executives could use to share and pitch AWS offerings to potential clients. Again, we worked to simplify and streamline AWS’ complex offerings to messaging that could clearly communicate the incredible – and tangible – benefits AWS brought to the table, key to driving up conversions.

We then extended this messaging to a large scope of other touch points. We built a new AWS microsite. We created the content strategy, the copywriting, and a series of motion graphic elements that helped to explain what AWS offered, how those services worked, and how retailers could apply them.

The culmination of our partnership with AWS retail was a fully immersive, interactive, and experiential platform for AWS’ presence at the National Retail Federation show, an industry-leading conference held at the Javits Center in New York in January 2020. We created the content, environmental design, and experiential aspects of the AWS booth, and worked with Amazon’s fabrication company to build out an 1,800 square foot, three-zone experience.

Our concept was to show how the warehouse of the future, the store of the future, and the home of the future could all be seamlessly connected through the technology and support AWS offered. What we created was a way for people to experience and interact with a boundless set of technological capabilities that were, in their typical habitat, entirely invisible.

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The Takeaway.

AWS Retail offered a set of solutions that could not only be game-changing for individual retailers, but that could revolutionize the retail industry as a whole. Where Revery came in was in helping AWS uncover the heart of their brand – the uniting force underneath the numbers, the software, and the cutting-edge innovation – and share it in a language that was accessible and inspiring to all of us. And what Revery learned from it all? There’s no business too complex to be expressed in human terms, and no effort too vast to be captured in story.




Executive Creative Producer

Davis Preistley
Chrissy Lucas

Senior Creative Producers

Jennifer Glynn
Jason Chau

Creative Director

Peter Dean
Felix Ballerstedt


Gilda Meza
Whitney Clark
Jessica Raddatz


Brandon Kapelow
Nicholas Weigel


Cole Graham
Jordan Kelley


Kauai Moliterno
Sam Zimman

Motion Designers

Clint Beastwood
James Heredia
David Bryan
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