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Beyond The Box.

Video Animation

Big companies leave big footprints on the world – in more ways than one. It’s one of the reasons Amazon is committed to building a sustainable business, for their customers and for the planet. In 2019, Amazon co-founded The Climate Pledge, a commitment to be net zero carbon across their entire business by 2040, 10 years ahead of the Paris Agreement. Though they’d announced the steps they were taking, they were (and still are) figuring out how to create awareness for their powerful mission – and that’s where we come in.

Over the course of 2020, Revery partnered with several groups within Amazon to help tell the story of their sustainability efforts. Our team concepted, produced, and delivered a collection of animated videos to showcase and explain the various steps the corporation is taking towards a more sustainable future. The purpose behind it all was to create content to inspire and educate both the customers and the sellers on Amazon’s platform. We collaborated with our clients on every step of the process, ensuring each asset we delivered was fun, user-friendly, and easy to understand.

Our starting point? The most iconic brown box on the planet: delivered with a smile.

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Delivering Smiles.

The heart of our This Box campaign started with sixteen million boxes. While Amazon engineers were busy calculating how much they could remove from each box – wall thickness, packing material, weight – we were busy dreaming up how we could expand. We didn’t just see sixteen million boxes, we saw sixteen million sparks of inspiration, sixteen million occasions to tell a story, sixteen million opportunities to initiate change.

We ideated, created, and delivered a series of animated videos that would not only share Amazon’s initiative with customers, but would inspire them to reimagine ways to recycle their next box. We worked with their packaging experience and innovation teams to include a printed QR code on each box that would link to an animated video, plus arts-and-crafts instructions that would show customers how they could reimagine each box into something new. The goal was to create beautiful, playful animations that engaged, inspired, and encouraged customers to think, well, outside the box.

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Connecting the Dots.

Next, we created a series of animated videos that would showcase additional steps Amazon was taking to support The Climate Pledge. We flexed our 2D and 3D animation skills, producing each component of these videos so they reflected the company’s mission, voice, and brand tenets. Our goal was to share the primary aspects of their future-forward mission in a way that was exciting to engage with, and could empower customers and manufacturers alike.

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First, we concepted a project that showcases the Amazon shopping experience around products that are certified Climate-Pledge Friendly, showing customers how they can make sustainable choices when they shop on The result was a short and digestible explainer video that leveraged the animation design language we had established with This Box campaign.

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Second, we broke down the big and the small steps of The Climate Pledge – this animation tells the story of Amazon’s “frustration-free packaging,” meaning lighter, more compact, and more easily recyclable. This video follows each box’s journey from warehouse to doorstep, plus outlines the environmentally friendly changes that Amazon has implemented to each delivery.

And third, we created Compact by Design, a series of short 3D animations that encourage manufacturers to change up their products to be just that – Compact By Design. These animations show how much weight, space, and packing material can be saved by reducing the air and water content in each product, in turn creating impact across all areas of production.

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Only the Beginning.

The big takeaway: our collective work here isn’t done. It’s not even close. But together, we’re aiming for progress over perfection, for a few steps in the right direction, because big change so often starts small. And this series of campaigns is only the start: one product, one box, one delivery at a time.




Executive Creative Producer

Chrissy Lucas

Senior Creative Producer

Jen Milano

Post Producer

Hanna Hagen

Creative Director

Carolin Harris

Art Directors

Jason Sturgill
Bryan Denman

Content Strategists

Charlie Villiers
Lisa Prince

Illustrator & Animator

James Mabery


Bethany Ng
Mateusz Napieralski

Storyboard Artists

Don Flores
Leo Zarosinski
Reid Psaltis


Chase Stevens
Dom Haury


Common Objects

Sound Design & Mix

Ambrose Yu
Th3rd Sound