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Go Anywhere.

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There is no other company like Amazon – it’s vast, multi-faceted, and one of the largest marketplaces on earth. It’s more than just a brown box on your doorstep or a streamable original series, it’s a worldwide conductor of commerce, insights, and information. Perhaps most astonishing of all is Amazon’s reach as an employer: it’s truly global. From fulfillment center associates to data scientists and everywhere in between, each member of Amazon’s workforce has the opportunity to be on the frontlines of customer-led innovation. The company’s invitation to prospective employees speaks for itself: “Come build the future with us.”

In 2020, we partnered with Amazon’s Employer Brand team (who bring Amazon’s workplace culture to life for candidates) to produce an episodic content series that would inspire and invite job seekers everywhere to join Amazon’s mission – to help “build the world’s most customer-centric company.” But this wasn’t simply a creative push to promote the company or its hiring efforts. It was a global storytelling campaign to highlight the individual humans who work at Amazon – the Amazonians – those vibrant lives whose goals, struggles, ideas, and ambitions were helping to shape Amazon’s future. Which, in turn, could help shape our future.

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We tackled this project from creative concepting through all phases of production and post, creating several pilot episodes that showcased unique individuals before, during, and even outside their time at Amazon. Our goal with these stories wasn’t to focus on Amazon, but instead to focus on Amazonians, and how their individual efforts were contributing to a much bigger picture. And this became the heart of our story: how the endeavor of one company’s employees can change reality for millions, and how the demands of millions can change the reality of one single individual.

Our global campaign put employees at the center to inspire prospective employees to want to impact the world in whatever way they can. That said, as we approached this campaign, Amazon was deeply sensitive to the times – we were in the midst of COVID-19, when old stories, and old ways of telling them, were simply no longer enough. Or even appropriate, for that matter.

In response, we leveraged our capabilities for virtual production, and built each episode with User Generated Content. The participants in these films were real Amazon employees, not actors or traditional talent who were accustomed to sharing their story on camera.Our production team worked thoughtfully to support our talent, and helped foster a sense of trust and camaraderie that allowed each storyteller to shine in their own way. The more personality, the better!

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Together, we saw this not only as an opportunity to embrace the priorities of a changing world and workforce, but as an opportunity to be empathetic, to be helpful, to empower people across the globe through stories they could relate to. We explored how every day at Amazon is a chance to do something new, how the momentum generated by each new employee is one step closer to the next big concept, the next breakthrough, the next transformative innovation. Though each story we told was entirely its own, Amazon employees seemed to share a common thread, a core belief about their place of work: “Here, you can go anywhere.” Literally.

Stay tuned for more episodes in our Content Series dropping soon.


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