Adi 747 Cover Retouch

747 Warehouse St.

Photography Video Experiential

Welcome to 747 Warehouse St. A colorful offshoot of NBA All-Star (2018) in Los Angeles, CA. A social experience as ambitious as the culture-defining basketball event itself. Exclusive product drops. Epic musical performances. A vibrant maker space. Celebrities and athletes coming together at the intersection of sport and culture. This is how adidas shows up for basketball’s biggest weekend.

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The brief was to capture content to hero the 2-day experience and share it with a global audience in real-time. In collaboration with our agency partners at Swift, we responded with a game plan for tackling pre-heat content, executing live event coverage, managing real-time posting to social, hourly recap videos, and more. And btw, we only had two weeks to prep! This gig fell in the sweet spot of requiring next-level organization, strategic workflow planning, and high velocity decision-making.

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On the ground, our Content Teams had their work cut out for them – navigating a 100,000 square foot venue day and night, plus cutting through a sea of 18,000 consumers, celebrities, and general chaos to get the content needed, not to mention wrangling schedules and charming celebrities for sound bites. To deliver 1,200 assets in 48 hours, our 40+ person crew needed to be fast-moving and nimble, and we needed a strong organizational and communication plan in place.

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Behind the scenes, our command center was humming for 72 around-the-clock hours. Content came in fast and furious from the floor to our talented team of Editors and Retouchers. This required close collaboration for all players involved, including agency art directors and community managers who were responsible for posting to social channels across adidas Hoops, adidas Originals, and adidas core.

Adidas 747 I Phone Screen Comps


Art Buying & Usage Negotiations
Pre-production & Logistics
Crew Sourcing & Management
Ongoing Budget Management
Run of Show Execution
Post Supervision
Video Editing & Stills Retouching
Voiceover, Sound Design & Mixing




Executive Creative Producer

Davis Priestley

Senior Creative Producers

Jeremy Fenske
Elaine Skinner


Garett Stenson


Jordan Kelley


Tom Bender
Eddie Grams
Catie Laffoon

Camera Operators

Matt Robertson
Rick Starick


Misha Scott
Bia Jeruma
Emilie Aubrey
Ben Montemayor

Event Agency

Kamp Grizzly

Story Producers

Dustin Heveron
Jennifer Glynn
Ken Carlson