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You Can’t Stop Our Voice.

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We all know the story of the athlete as a modern hero: the shoe deals, the TV spots, the iconic face on the cereal box. But this project for Nike is about the unsung heroes – the athletes you don’t see in the big cover story, but that you recognize from the Sunday morning pickup game, or the bus stop in front of your building. The athletes who aren’t united by a big-ticket sponsorship or a world-famous franchise, but by a shared message – you can’t stop our voice.

To tell their story, we partnered with our longtime friends and collaborators, INDUSTRY, to provide creative production support on a multi-city shoot with a lightning-fast launch deadline. The aim of this project was one we could get behind: to spotlight the everyday athletes who were pioneering social change in their communities through sport.

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We took their ambition to heart and got to work. Our focus as INDUSTRY's partner was to offer solutions-driven production capabilities that protected, and delivered on, the creative intent. We shot in 3 cities – NYC, Chicago, and Toronto – in quick succession, with some of our team on the ground and some at home. We worked with the subject’s limited availability, and put strict health protocols in place to keep everyone safe.

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Our goal was to do everything we could to support the people we were working with, and their story. We were invested in the power of their message, and this fostered a deep sense of trust – among us, our collaborators at INDUSTRY, and the Nike team. It allowed us to make tough decisions quickly and effectively, and ultimately, pull off an international shoot in the midst of a global pandemic, with all teams involved staying inspired, safe, and supported.



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