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The Human Animal.

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When we think of cloud computing, it’s hard to picture anything at all – how do you put an image to a system that’s larger-than-life, and yet can’t be seen, touched, or felt? In 2019, Revery partnered with Oracle Cloud to concept, develop, and produce a series of customer-led short films that explored cloud computing as something tangible, connective, and extraordinary – a life-changing business partner. Our goal was to tell the story of the earthbound side of the cloud: the remarkable humans who relied on Oracle to power their workplaces, and Oracle’s role in driving their organizations to heights they couldn’t reach alone.

Though this was a B2B campaign, our focus was on people – the individual stories, efforts, and aspirations behind the businesses Oracle was supporting. We drove each phase of concepting and production, from story development to scripting to shooting to complex post-production and versioning for Oracle’s multiple channels and worldwide audiences. Because Oracle works on a global scale, the story finding process was our biggest and most rigorous task. And, with tens of thousands of customers running Oracle-powered businesses, there was no shortage of stories.


With Oracle account leads all around the world submitting ideas, our creative team worked with our client partners to identify which customers they wanted to highlight, and who had the most compelling stories to tell – all while navigating ever-shifting schedules and shooting capture windows. After choosing our potential candidates, we conducted additional research and development to ensure our stories were viable. In parallel, we worked to build a production plan for each, often internationally.

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Because this was global shooting on a fairly quick timeline, our production planning and management had to be airtight – from travel arrangements for our crew and gear, to on-the-ground support in each location, to a rapid post and delivery schedule. We built multiple teams to tackle international shoots in overlapping succession, working with nimble local production support in each as needed. We bolstered our global crews with a core team at home in the Revery studio, a strong creative throughline, and optimized rolling post production.

The stories we told came from around the world. We found stories in India, in South Korea, in Scotland, Switzerland, and a little closer to home – Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Atlanta, Georgia. In capturing these different Oracle stories, in these vastly different worlds, we uncovered a common thread: ultimately, no matter what product service or process, no matter how technological or ephemeral – there’s always a human on the other end, anchoring it down to earth.

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We wrapped shooting at the end of 2019, and this is one of the projects that carried us into 2020. It was one of the last times before the pandemic and global lockdown that we worked in this way – hopping on planes, immersing ourselves physically in the stories we were telling, with no corner of the world too distant, and no story too big – or too small. But in many ways, this Oracle project is what reminds us that we’ve never been reliant on only one method of storytelling. That we’ve always been willing to forge the path forward in pursuit of the story, and have always known how to find a way ahead when there seems to be none. The human animal is resilient, our stories are resilient, and for every impossible dream we might have, there exists a way to bring it – truly – to life.


Discovery & Insights Intake
Concepting & Creative Development
Art Buying & Usage Negotiations
Budget Scenario Modeling
Brand & Content Strategy
Pre-production & Logistics
Crew Sourcing & Management
Location Scouting & Permitting
External Vendor Relations
Ongoing Budget Management
Run of Show Execution
Video Editing & Stills Retouching
Music Search & Licensing
Voiceover, Sound Design & Mixing


Executive Creative Producer

Davis Priestley

Head of Production

Dan Gorczyca

Senior Creative Producer

Ben Greenberg

Post Producer

Siouxsie Alarcon


Amara Untermeyer
Truen Pence


Jordan Kelley


Greta Rybus
Carlo Perrazolo


Bernardo Pantoja


Peter Dean

Sound Mix

Jebari Dean