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Quality Is Handed Down.


The experience of light is everything. Or at least that’s how we felt when we first stepped foot into Rejuvenation’s factory in NW Portland. We were honored to be there. This is a timeless brand rooted in restoring vintage and antique items, yet continues to innovate with their leadership’s focus on in-house design, engineering, and manufacturing. You can feel it – this lighting and home parts manufacturer is a juggernaut.

Seeking to generate awareness and evolve the perception of their brand as “a small maker brand from Portland,” Rejuvenation approached Revery with a key message they hoped to share with the world. Quality is handed down. At every stage of the product’s journey, quality is paramount. How it’s designed. How it’s tested. How it’s manufactured. And ultimately, how it’s customized and shipped to one lucky customer, with love and utmost attention to detail.

To deliver this message, we established a strategic vision to guide our content creation efforts – grounded in principles of simplicity, humanity, and quality. We tapped Director Truen Pence to establish a treatment, set the tone, and fine-tune a new visual language. The result was a concept we dubbed “The Centerpiece” – positioning the light as the center of gravity and a means to transform a space. After all, life revolves in and around light, from one generation to the next.


Discovery & Insights Intake
Brand & Content Strategy
Concepting & Creative Development
Budget Scenario Modeling
Pre-production & Logistics
Crew Sourcing & Management
Ongoing Budget Management
Run of Show Execution
Music Search & Licensing
Video Editing & Stills Retouching
Voiceover, Sound Design & Mixing
Visual Design & Motion Graphics
Marketing & Activation Strategy



Truen Pence

Creative & Strategy Lead

Garett Stenson

Senior Creative Producer

Aimee Lynn Barneburg

Creative Producer

Melissa Garr Forrette


Andres Karu


Jordan Kelley


Bergren Rameson