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One Ride Away.

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Ritchey is a legendary bike brand with a legendary founder, every bit as tough and thoughtful as the bikes he creates. Even though this 40-year-old brand was built from scratch in a NorCal garage, they hadn’t yet invested in sharing their story in a meaningful way...until now.

To help tell this story, we partnered with Ritchey leadership to create a collection of films, a library of photo stills, and a comprehensive content strategy to shift perception from Ritchey the person, to Ritchey the brand. From the bike as an object, to biking as an experience.

As part of our holistic asset library, we created category-specific videos to highlight the “riding experience” and capture the DNA of Road, Cross, Mountain, and Adventure. Calibrated to the target consumer for each category, our cut-downs and image selects featured a mix of action, lifestyle, and landscape shots.





Throughout this process, our best resource to understand the soul of the brand was the builder, racer, and entrepreneur himself - Tom Ritchey. We spent time in his personal workshop in the mountains and it quickly became clear - his do-it-yourself ethos isn’t about making bikes. It’s what the bike makes you.

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“...I’m just one bike ride

away from figuring it out…”

- Tom Ritchey


Brand & Content Strategy
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Creative Producer

Caroline Dugoni

Head of Strategy

Garett Stenson


Jordan Kelley


Jordan Kelley


Jordan Kelley


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Creative Direction

Jason Murray