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Limitless Energy.

Photography Video

Style Guide is a concentrated mega-shoot that gives aesthetic guidance to every wing of Nike’s global brand for the season to come. One could could say that the team that creates it carries The Swoosh on their shoulders, if only for a moment. It’s as much an opportunity to let raw creativity run free as it is a masterclass in production planning and logistics.

For our first go around with Style Guide, the Spring ‘18 campaign found us shooting in our own backyard at Nike Studios in Beaverton, and then packing-up camp and finishing in Atlanta, GA. Capturing the enormous spirit of this campaign kept us on our toes, but never caught us slipping into excess as we stayed true to our nimble production ethos while executing world-class creative.

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Sp18 Styleguide Rn Zoompower Ms 003409
Sp18 Styleguide Rn Freernspringrevival Bl 0455
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Sp18 Styleguide Tr Shoedontquit Ms 020099
Sp18 Styleguide Tr Rooftop Ms 023219
Sp18 Styleguide Tr Shoedontquitbras Ms 021185
Sp18 Styleguide Xcat Wearneutrals Jh 3326
Sp18 Styleguide Xcat Introbracollection Bl 0299
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Sp18 Styleguide Xcat Introbracollection Bl 0567
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Budget Scenario Modeling
Casting & Talent Management
Pre-production & Logistics
Crew Sourcing & Management
Location Scouting & Permitting
External Vendor Relations
Ongoing Budget Management
Run of Show Execution


Nike Sr. Art Director

Jessica Tan

Nike Producer

Jess Bond
Tom Blanchard

Executive Creative Producer

Davis Priestley

Senior Creative Producer

Caroline Dugoni

Creative Producer

Nick Ocean
Melissa Garr Forrette

Line Producer

Andrew Grein


Brandon Kuzma
Bob Hoste


Benjamin Lennox
Marcus Smith
Tyler Mitchell

Production Designer

Chad Hanson
Rick Morganelli
Jack Van Matre

Wardrobe Stylist

Meg Cuna
Carlos Nazario

Hair Stylist

Teiji Utsumi

Makeup Stylist

Chris Colbeck
Ailsa Hopper-Court