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Forever Curious.

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Neo was a brand designed to change the way youth around the world connected with adidas. To be young is to be open to new opportunities, to learn as you go, and to welcome adventure. Sometimes making a single connection can take us to places we never expected. To personalize this story, Revery’s journey with Neo began years ago, as a single product film.

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What came next were 15 seasonal campaigns of global content – multi-platform shoots in every corner of the globe, director-level integration into the brand’s annual fiscal and global content strategy, the launch of a Facebook Live channel, the launch of a Snapchat channel, shoots with Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, international event launches, Fashion Week collection drops, experiential campaigns, influencer activations, deep integration with the China marketing team, and more. Our team at Revery worked with this team year round, producing between 4-8 projects annually in the states, Europe, and across Asia.

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As a studio we’re often asked what we are best at. Our favorite answer is “integrated production” aka Super Shoots. And our favorite example is the work we did with Neo. A client that provided us the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with their agency Happylucky to streamline and strategize how production integrates and empowers creative and ultimately grow the brand from a $300 million business to a billion-dollar brand.

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Shaping a story with that kind of infectious energy and partnership allowed us to rethink the way we approach both content strategy and production planning. Over the course of the relationship we honed our processes and developed deep expertise in orchestrating efficient, multi-crew shoots. Beyond deep cost savings in production, our approach consistently over-delivered both the number and quality of assets we were able to produce for Neo.

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Art Buying & Usage Negotiations
Budget Scenario Modeling
Business Affairs Analysis
Casting & Talent Management
Pre-production & Logistics
Crew Sourcing & Management
Location Scouting & Permitting
External Vendor Relations
Ongoing Budget Management
Run of Show Execution
Post Supervision
Music Search & Licensing
Video Editing & Stills Retouching
Voiceover, Sound Design & Mixing
Visual Design & Motion Graphics




Agency Art Directors

Toni Smith
Ben Hennes
Karly Hand
Ashley O'Neil
Mike Byrne
Charlie Kohlmeier
Gilda Meza

Agency Project Managers

Christen Gillibank
Hayden Thompson
Emily Stutzman
Jason Resch
Jenna Suharto

Executive Creative Producer

Davis Priestley

Senior Creative Producer

Caroline Dugoni

Creative Producer

Jason Chau