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For as many things as Amazon is now known for, their roots are steeped in bringing reading to new places with accessibility, convenience, and mobility. With the launch of their latest “Kindle Paperwhite” reading device, they were about to continue their story of innovating how people connect with books. Over this past year, we had developed a strong history of working with Amazon and were invited to be their storytelling partner for this important product launch moment.

This was one of those magical instances where production planning and creative insights seemed to happen in tandem, and feed off each other. We were given an initial direction and then asked to evolve the creative as we journeyed along. Over two months of conversations with Amazon, our team created an adaptive matrix of budget and production scenarios that allowed us to respond to specific, targeted requests without sacrificing the schedule or compromising our collective vision.

To bottle-up the wanderlust and freedom of travel, our production team took a road trip from Oregon to California. We shot interiors and exteriors for over a week of beautiful moments and unique locations, as well as additional pick-up days for textural b-roll. We shot in the water, in the mountains, and even created snow in July for effect. Through post production and final delivery we managed every detail – from 3D animation, to music composition, to sound design, and even localization for key markets.

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Location Scouting & Permitting
Run of Show Execution
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Post Supervision
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Voiceover, Sound Design & Mixing
Video Editing & Stills Retouching
VFX, 3D & Compositing
Localization & Language Services
Music Search & Licensing



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